There are many different styles of garage doors on the market today, which is good for homeowners who may not necessarily want a standard, solid sheet of metal that tilts out to open. However, the downside of all those choices is that it can make it difficult to decide on the one that would work for your home's garage! Note a few differences in garage door styles so you can determine the right one for your home.

Roller doors

A roller door is installed with a drum that sits above the garage door frame, and the door will wind around itself to fit in that drum. Some roller doors are made of a heavy nylon rather than metal or wood; these are still very rugged and secure, but are also lightweight and will offer the quietest operation. Roller doors are good for small spaces, both inside and outside the garage, as they don't need clearance in front of the garage, or room along the garage ceiling to open.

Sectional doors

Sectional doors are made in separate sections that are attached by hinges in the back. This type of door does roll straight upward, which is why it's often confused with roller doors, but the track of a sectional door will extend across the garage ceiling. A sectional door is also good for short driveways as it doesn't tilt out to open, but it will take up that added space on the garage ceiling rather than rolling into a compact drum.

Designer doors

Don't discount the idea of having a custom-made designer door for your home's garage, as these doors may not be as expensive as you assume. Consider a door with darkened glass panels for an upscale look, or choose white frosted glass for something very modern.

It can also be good to have a designer door made if your home has a distinct look or features and accessories; for example, your house might have a very rustic appearance to it, so you might consider carriage-style doors made with oversized metal hardware to match. If your style is a bit eclectic, you might want to combine a traditional and modern look, so opt for a custom wood door with oversized metal grilles running across the front. A garage door designer might also be able to offer a unique type of metal for the door, such as copper or oil-rubbed bronze, which might be more attractive than standard steel or aluminium.