A good way to add security to your property is to upgrade its fence and gate. A fence that's hard to scale can keep out potential intruders, and solid fences add privacy to your property, so a thief cannot note your comings and goings and know when the home is unoccupied.

However, you may be hesitant to upgrade your current fence and gate because you have some misconceptions about security fencing and swing gates; note a few of those misconceptions here so you know you're making the best choices for securing your property.

Gates are loud and creaky

If swing gates or retractable gates creak, groan, or otherwise make lots of noise when opening or closing, this means they need maintenance. The chains, rollers, hinges and other metal parts that operate gates need regular oiling so they stay quiet and don't creak or groan. When gates become uneven and begin to pull away from their posts, they can also make lots of noise as they move. If you maintain your gate properly, it should stay silent when in operation.

Gates don't work in small spaces

If your property's driveway is very short or located very close to a neighbouring property, you still have many choices for a gate; one is a swing gate made of small panels on both sides. Two smaller panels make a gate more compact than one with a single panel, or a rolling gate. If you have a stone driveway with a bumpy surface, you can also choose bars that are set higher on the ground so they don't scrape the driveway surface. Before you assume that your property won't work for a gate, talk to a gate installer and note your options.

You can install security fences and gates yourself

It's good to work with a professional installer when it comes to your security fence; they can recommend the best choice for your home design and your own personal security risks, such as if you need a solid fence to block the view of a home that's often empty. They can also recommend the best style of gate that will coordinate with your fence and the space you have for the gate. Also, while installing both a fence and gate isn't overly difficult, this should still be done by a professional. He or she will ensure the panels of the gate are hung perfectly level so they operate properly and also ensure a fence installation adheres to local building codes and regulations.