The type of door you install on your garage can have a big impact on how you can utilise the space. If you are considering replacing your garage door, you may not have considered installing a roller door. A roller door offers many benefits over traditional garage doors. Below is a guide to 3 benefits of installing a roller garage door.

Increases Available Garage Space

A roller garage door is great if you use your garage space to store items. Because a traditional garage door tilts up, it requires tracks which run overhead on the roof of your garage. These tracks limit how high you can stack things within the garage. Also, you will always need to leave enough clear space within the garage to allow a traditional garage door to tilt open during operation. A roller garage door will travel vertically up and down when it is in operation which removes the need to overhead tracks or a clearance space, increasing the amount of available space in your garage.

Improves Insulation

A roller garage door will typically feature a double layer of insulation. This insulation normally takes the form of polyurethane foam which is inserted in-between the garage door panels. This additional insulation helps to ensure that your garage is kept cool during the warm summer months and will prevent heat loss during the cold of winter. A roller garage door also features a rubber seal on its leading edge which helps to keep moisture and dirt from entering your garage space. 

Extends the Available Driveway Space 

A tilt up garage door can reduce the amount of space you can use on your driveway, as you will always have to leave a gap so that the door can swing outwards when it is opened. This means that any vehicles which are parked on the driveway may need to be parked a few feet away from the door. However, if you opt for a roller garage door which opens vertically, you will be able to park your car almost flush against the side of the garage. This can make a big difference if you only have a short driveway on your property.

If you are planning to install a new garage door and would like further information about the benefits of installing a roller garage door, you should contact a professional garage door supplier who will be happy to offer further advice.