A new garage should be seen as an investment in your home and property, rather than an unnecessary expense. The garage provides security for everything stored inside, including your car, and can also double as a workspace. If your property has a carport or an older garage, note when it may be time to upgrade and invest in a new garage altogether.

Water damage, rust

Water will soften the framework of a garage and can also lead to mould and mildew growth. Water can also collect around window frames so that the glass comes away from the frame, allowing for gaps and then drafts and more water leaks. A metal carport exposed to rain, snow, and moisture from the soil can eventually suffer rust and corrosion, and a wood carport may also become softened and damaged by mould.

When this damage is extensive, rather than trying to repair the garage or carport, you might want to invest in a new garage altogether. Choose one that's constructed more securely and which has a metal roof that isn't as likely to suffer water damage and leaks.

Storage and security

It can be risky to store anything under a carport, as they offer little to no security for your items, including your car. An older garage can also mean a door that is rotted or warped, which makes it easy to pry open, or windows that are easy to break. A new garage with a heavy-duty door can offer more security against thieves, and you might opt for a large garage that can easily accommodate built-in locking storage cabinets for your tools, sporting goods, and the like, for even more security against theft.


Working under a carport or in an old garage with poor insulation can mean needing a space heater or two to keep you comfortable, and these can use quite a bit of electricity. An older garage or a carport also offers little to no insulation against noise from power tools, and this may be bothersome to your neighbours.

A new garage with quality insulation can mean a comfortable workspace for your hobbies or for working on a car, and you can also then run whatever power lines are needed for all your tools; you might even have new plumbing installed so you can add a utility sink for cleanup of all your items. This can be easier to do with a new garage than trying to retrofit electricity, plumbing, and even insulation in an old garage.

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