Whether you use it to store your belongings or keep your car safe, your garage is likely an essential part of your home. Like any aspect of your property, your garage door will undergo wear and tear over the years. Using garage door repairs and servicing, you can enhance your personal safety in several ways.

A stronger door reduces the risk of burglary

According to the Australian Bureau of Criminology, almost 336,000 household break-ins took place in 2009-10. While there are multiple ways for a burglar to access someone's property, allowing a garage door to remain broken makes their mission easier. Even something as simple as a broken spring makes it easier to force a door open from the outside, making life simpler for burglars when you're away from home. In addition to garage door repairs rectifying the situation, regular garage door services can prevent weaknesses altogether.

Tightening loose fixings could prevent damage to your car

From a broken cable to springs that are loose, faulty garage doors aren't always obvious, but they have the potential to cause damage to your car. A garage car hitting your car with a gentle force may cause unsightly dents, while one hitting it with speed is likely to lead to expensive damage. Using the right tools and materials, it's possible to regain the door's torsion and prevent it from falling. As a result, you may also save on a trip to the hospital as well as your local mechanic.

Keeping the emergency release intact could prevent serious injuries

Thanks to the advent of automatic garage doors, more homeowners experience a more convenient life when entering and leaving their home. These doors aren't without fault, however, and occasionally household members trap themselves underneath either through human error or a fault with the system itself. Modern garage doors tend to feature an emergency release system, which allows others to free the person beneath the door before injury occurs. With the use of regular servicing and requesting repairs as soon as the need arises, you can protect this system and ensure your automatic garage remains safe.

In addition to seeking repair services and allowing a professional to check your door periodically, you can perform safety checks yourself. Test the opener and the other door parts every quarter to ensure they're functioning fully. In addition, if you own an electric garage door you can check the instruction manual to familiarise yourself with safety procedures. With brief yet regular attention, your garage door will remain safe for years to come.