Up and over garage doors are widely used all over Australia in domestic settings. However, they can be just as advantageous in commercial operations as well. For instance, up and over doors can be used to create an easily secured entrance. As opposed to other types of doors, up and over garage doors are also preferable in many situations where doorways need to be opened and shut many times a day. Let's examine some of the benefits that business owners can enjoy by installing commercial garage doors of this type.

Affordable Security One of the principal reasons for choosing an up and over garage door is that it is relatively cheap to manufacture and takes a little time to install on site. This makes it extremely affordable for anyone who needs a new door to be fitted to make their premises secure.

Ease of Operation Because an up and over garage door is simple to operate, anyone in the business can be put in charge of opening it and closing it. All that is needed is one swift movement and the entire door cavity is opened up.

Space Saving Another aspect that should be considered by business owners with busy storage yards is the space saving capability of an up and over garage door. Not only is any door of this type out of the way overhead when it is opened, but the door moves only a little way forwards when it is opened. Therefore, parked vehicles do not need to be moved out of the way in order to open and shut the door.

Flexibility An up and over door is suitable for installation in a wide variety of contexts and does not necessarily need to be fitted to a garage. For example, they can be easily adapted to use in a storage depot or for a stockroom, so long as the doorway is suitably sized.

Automation Finally, it should be mentioned that up and over garage door is can be fully automated. Although other doorway systems can also be opened and closed automatically, it is the up and over garage door which is most suited to this process of motorisation. You can fit them with a wireless key which means all you need to do is to click on a controller when you are nearby to have them open up. For business owners, this means saving time and allows more focus to be retained on the task at hand.