Home security is a very important issue for most homeowners today, as they're realizing that a simple set of locks and even a home alarm is not enough to keep thieves from breaking in. A smart phone and available apps can actually help to increase your home's security in a variety of ways, and these apps are especially good for those who travel or who are away from home during the day. Note a few ways you can use your smart phone to increase the security of your home and your family as well.

1. Remote Locks

Being able to lock and unlock your home from your smart phone has a variety of benefits. One important consideration is that if you have children who arrive home from school before you, using this app can allow you to unlock the doors for them and then safely lock them again. You don't need to worry about your child carrying a house key with them to school where it can get lost or stolen, and you don't need to call and ask if they remembered to lock the doors behind them.

Remote door locks are also good for those who travel and who may want a neighbor to water the plants and take in the mail. You won't need to entrust them with a house key but can agree upon a time when you'll unlock the door, and then are able to lock it back up after they've gone.

2. Remote Light Controls

One drawback to using timers on lights when you travel is that a thief may notice that the lights go on and off in a pattern, and they may realize that the lights are hooked up to a timer, indicating that you're not home. However, if you use an app on your smart phone to control the lights of a home, you can turn these on randomly so that your house appears occupied.

3. Remote Garage Door Openers

A remote garage door opener that you control from your smart phone ensures that your garage door is closed during the day or night, and this is good for families who have many members going in and out of the garage during the day. You can ensure that no one leaves the garage door open and can also ensure it's closed at night if you travel. Since you may store valuable items in your garage and the garage is a good point of entry for intruders, this type of remote can secure your property and keep your family safe as well. For more information, contact National Garage Remotes & Openers.